1st Choice, our pledge of superior quality for your pet's health, longevity and well being.

1st Choice offers a wide variety of cat and dog foods that promote optimal health for pets during their entire life.

Our team of experts has developed highly balanced formulas that are specifically designed to meet your pet's needs according to its growth, activity level, size, physical condition and overall health.

Every 1st Choice formula:

  • Contains superior quality ingredients: no corn, no wheat, no soy and no meat by-products;
  • Is highly digestible;
  • Contains all natural preservatives;
  • Has a unique and very appetizing natural flavour;
  • Helps clean teeth with specifically designed nuggets;
  • Reinforces the immune system;
  • Promotes a smooth and shiny coat;
  • Helps reduce stool and urine odours!

Our formulas have also been designed to meet all of the AAFCO's (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutritional standards. AAFCO is an American association that is positioned as the world's top reference in pet food quality control. Its main objectives are to implement laws and standards in order to pet food production, distribution and sale, so that pet food can be healthy and beneficial for all of our little loved ones!